iPhone Screen Replacements in Nairobi Kenya

iPhone Screen Replacements in Nairobi Kenya

Many people know the feeling of dread that comes when you accidentally drop your smartphone. And then thinking as you pick it up, has the screen become damaged or cracked by the fall? Our team have performed screen replacements on thousands of models of smartphones over the years. From the wide range of iPhones to the huge variations of Android phones and beyond, it doesn’t matter which phone you have. iStore Kenya has you covered.

We also like to keep things simple when it comes to cost. All of our screen replacements for iPhones are fixed price. For Android or other devices, just get in touch with us for a quote.

Quality Assurance on all Screen Replacements

Here at ISTORE KENYA, we know what havoc a cheap screen replacement can cause with your smartphone. We take pride in only using OEM screens where possible with all of our screen replacements. We want to ensure the very best screen repair quality for your smartphone and to make sure no issues arise after the repair.

iPhone Screen Replacements
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Book your Screen Replacement Service

If your smartphone screen has become damaged or cracked, get in touch with one of our technicians as soon as possible so we can bring your device back to perfect working order. You can contact us by phone, CLICK to book. Istore Kenya is the best iPhone Screen Replacements in Nairobi Kenya

Apple iPhone Screen Repair in Nairobi, Kenya – iStore KE

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iPhone Repair in Nairobi Kenya

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iStore Latest Apple Product Prices – Best Price in Kenya

March 2022

Latest Apple Product New Prices ( Price in KES )


iPhone 13 Pro Max 1TB.                 210,000/=

iPhone 13 Pro Max 512GB             180,000/=

iPhone 13 Pro Max 256gb             163,000/=

iPhone 13 Pro Max 128gb             152,000/=

iPhone 13 Pro 256gb                     160, 000/=

iPhone 13 Pro 128gb                     143,000/=

iPhone 13 Mini 256gb.                  108,000/=

iPhone 13 256gb                           115,000/=

iPhone 13 128gb.                           105,000/=

iPhone 12Pro Max 512gb              155,000/=

iPhone 12 Pro Max 256gb             138,000/=

iPhone 12 Pro Max 128gb.            128,000/=

iPhone 12 Pro 256gb                    126,000/=

iPhone 12 Pro 128gb                     117,000/=

iPhone 12 mini 128gb.                    85,000/=

iPhone 12 256gb.                          108,000/=

iPhone 12 128gb                            95,000/=

iPhone 12 64gb                              88,000/=

iPhone 11 Pro max 256gb.           105,000/=

iPhone 11 Pro max 64gb.             95,000/=

iPhone 11 Pro 256gb                     93,000/=

iPhone 11 Pro 64gb                       83,000/=

iPhone 11 128gb                            78,000/=

iPhone 11 64gb.                             71,000/=

iPhone SE 2020 128Gb                 57,000/=

iPhone SE 2020 64Gb                   51,000/= 

Sealed Refurbished Models ( Not Available as Brand New ) 

IPhone 6 -64GB                14,000/=

IPhone 6s -16GB               13,000/=

IPhone 6s -32GB               16,000/=

IPhone 6s -64GB      18,000/=

IPhone 6s -128GB.             20,000/=

IPhone 6s Plus-16 GB        19,000/= 

IPhone 6s Plus- 32 GB       22,000/= 

IPhone 6s Plus-64GB         23,000/=

IPhone 6s Plus-128GB       25,000/=

IPhone 7 -128GB                24,000/=

IPhone 7 Plus- 32 GB         29,000/=

IPhone 7 Plus- 128 GB       32,000/=

IPhone 7 Plus 256 GB        36,000/=

IPhone 8 64GB                   28,000/= 

IPhone 8 256GB                 33,000/=

IPhone 8 Plus 64GB           39,000/=

IPhone 8 Plus 256GB         44,000/=

IPhone X 64 GB                  44,000/=

IPhone X- 256GB               49,000/=

iPhone XR 128GB               49,000/=

IPhone XR- 256GB             53,000/=

iPhone XS 64GB                 51,000/=

IPhone XS- 256GB             55,000/=

IPhone XS Max 64GB         58,000/=

IPhone XS max-256GB      66,000/=

IPhone XS max-512GB       77,000/= 

Visit us along Moi Avenue at Bazaar Plaza Floor M1 Unit 2 (iStore Apple Centre ) or Call 0724874754

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