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Iphone repiair in Nairobi Kenya

… The thing is, with Techsave, its not difficult at all. But we will get back to that.

Let us begin with how liquid affects your device. When liquid gets into your device some of the non-motherboard components get damaged. This might be the battery, screen, power button, charging port etc. In other cases, it’s easy to replace these parts and not a problem if you can identify which components have been damaged.

However, when it comes to liquid damaged this is not the case, since the liquid damage will cause either of the following scenarios to happen and make your device completely shut down:

  1. Components on the motherboard get shorted out causing damaged beyond repair, which basically turns your phone into an expensive brick
  2. The wiring on the motherboard corrodes and creates a shortage with other wiring, which causes your device to turn off

The damage sneaks up on you
One important thing you need to understand is that damage doesn’t happen all at once. Think of it as a metal frame that has been exposed to water. It will not show signs of rusting at first but after some exposure it begins to develop.

The same thing happens with liquid damaged electronics. Here the damage will truly show within days or weeks. The rust or corrosion develops slowly over time until it completely damages your device.

A great amount of repair stores will use ultrasonic technology to clean liquid damaged electronics. This technology might remove 80-90% of all corrosion and debris, but the problem will be caused by that 10% that stays put. Or even just 1 %.

It only takes a small amount that slowly starts to grow. Over the course of a week it is spreading within your device until one day your Wi-Fi won’t work, your camera goes out, your phone stops charging, the screen goes black, or maybe a combination of all those things.

Move fast – save your phone
The Techsave technology will stop and remove any corrosion from your phone. The faster we get your phone the better. This will increase the chances for your phone and make it more likely to save it without the need for additional repair.

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